Sometimes bargain shopping at Aldi leads you to the worst products.

Guest Feature

Let me tell you what’s happening to culture and travel news during the pandemic.

I Promise Freelance Writing Isn't Hopeless During Coronavirus

Writers are experiencing their own dose of pandemic worry: pitch rejection, contract suspension and the realization that the media can’t pay writers anymore since they rely on advertisers. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about the impact of coronavirus on freelance writers. As the writing community brainstorms solutions, we need to remember how important our voices are right now.

Narcity Media

A portfolio of published articles as the North Carolina journalist for Narcity Media.

How to Overcome Silly Failures While Rerooting Golden Pothos

Propagate houseplants with care and love by Olivia Walters I’m not Shrek or Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. My thumb isn’t electric green, but I’m getting there. Maybe being a green fictional movie character would have helped my houseplants, but it’s also just a fact of gardening life— we kill plants before we learn how toContinue reading “How to Overcome Silly Failures While Rerooting Golden Pothos”

Book Review: La vie secrète des Ă©crivains

Critique littĂ©raire du livre de Guillaume Musso Salut mes ami.e.s ! Je reviens sur la chronique de fiction aujourd’hui Ă  l’occasion d’une nouvelle collaboration qui sera dĂ©voilĂ©e dans les semaines Ă  venir ! Vous allez jouir d’un Ă©change entre moi et un autre blogueur suisse. Tous nos deux, certes, qui ont un goĂ»t exceptionnel pourContinue reading “Book Review: La vie secrète des Ă©crivains”

Souffrance ou on s’en fou-ance

Se dire je vais bien Olivia Walters Me voilĂ  au clavier. Cela fait combien de temps, un peu plus d’un mois. Je reconnais que j’ai du mal Ă  m’exprimer. Les phrases ne dĂ©roulent pas comme d’habitude. Alors en arrivant Ă  un tel moment, on cherche la raison pour laquelle on se trouvait incertain, dĂ©sespĂ©rĂ©, voireContinue reading “Souffrance ou on s’en fou-ance”

How to Steal from French Magazines for Writing Inspiration

Writing poetry in the style of a ransom note Olivia Walters This week I wrote French poetry by snipping words from travel magazines I stole at the Charles de Gaulle airport. The exercise got me thinking about fresh ideas for my creative work, but as I began stringing words together, making word associations, and elaboratingContinue reading “How to Steal from French Magazines for Writing Inspiration”

Thoughts on Ending Books, Leaving Fiction World

Olivia Walters Yesterday evening I powered through the last 50 pages of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. It’s been some time since completing a book, start to finish. I felt accomplished, well-read, and introspective as I entered the post-operative reading phase in which readers bemoan the return to reality.   Reaching the last page, weContinue reading “Thoughts on Ending Books, Leaving Fiction World”

Book Review: Hemingway, Frustrating Heroines

Critique littĂ©raire / Book review Olivia Walters La saison des cafards est arrivĂ©e. J’étais en train de ranger ma chambre et oups, j’en vois un au tapis, Ă  peine en vie mais suffisamment d’Ă©nergie pour courir frĂ©nĂ©tiquement dès que j’essaie de l’écraser. La chair de poule traverse mon corps. Cockroach season is in full effect.Continue reading “Book Review: Hemingway, Frustrating Heroines”

Summer Obsessions: Notes on Mabanckou et Rilke

Olivia Walters Je m’arrĂŞterai jamais quand il s’agit de Mabanckou. Il m’obsède. « S’il y a un secret que je pourrais livrer ici c’est que, pour faire parler les gens, il faut jouer la distance, l’indiffĂ©rence, en un mot le dĂ©sintĂ©rĂŞt, y a pas mieux que ce stratagème vieux comme le monde pour dĂ©clencher lesContinue reading “Summer Obsessions: Notes on Mabanckou et Rilke”

Spooky Danish Sculptor’s Slice of Life

Olivia Walters  Olafur Eliasson, the contemporary Danish-Icelandic artist invited to expose in 2016 at the Château de Versailles, renovated Louis XIV’s former stomping ground by hanging a giant, pre-Christmas ornament from the ceiling.  Or so the eye believed.  Entering the Salle des Gardes du Roi, the room is stripped of furniture, save for two convexContinue reading “Spooky Danish Sculptor’s Slice of Life”

French Siboy Artistically Rebrands Hardcore Rap, He Hopes

Olivia Walters  The first distinguishing traits about Siboy are his ski mask and shiny grill flashing between two fingers doing the cunnilingus sign. If there was a puzzle called “Match the Accessory to the Rapper,”  Biggie’s lopsided crown and Kanye’s runway ready parachute pants would make up the most iconic pieces. But Siboy is SiboyContinue reading “French Siboy Artistically Rebrands Hardcore Rap, He Hopes”

Dysfunctional Spaces: Parisian Art Without Grace

by Olivia Walters In December 2016, Lab 14 showcased a dystopian maze of graffiti, movable installations, and sculptures in the Montpartnasse district of Paris. Formerly a post office, close to fifty artists participated in a project well aware of its three month expiration date. To some, an ephemeral concept that sought to push urban artContinue reading “Dysfunctional Spaces: Parisian Art Without Grace”

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