Lyon on Wheels

Olivia Walters

Public transportation is something that French citizens are accustomed to. As an American, it was difficult to transition from having a car to suddenly relying on the métro, buses, and trains.

Lyon is situated southeast to Paris, a gem notoriously known for its gastronomy and walls adorned with Italian-inspired fresques [murals].

Famously Lyonnais: the trick-of-the-eye fresque Photo// Olivia Walters

Although skateboard culture is less-often associated with the French, I decided to visit different locations in Lyon where skaters find precedence.

Indeed, Lyon attracts international skateboarders, says Greg Poissonnier at Redbull, because of spots like the ones below. I have listed the top three locations:

#1: Hôtel de Ville de Lyon

Outside the city hall you’ll find people chilling à la bonne franquette [French phrase for a situation that is casual]. The plaza is a huge space for people to rest on ledges, benches, and rails; an ideal setup for skateboarders. The flat ground is also an added bonus. No need to worry about cops, because this location has become known as the “skaters’ plaza.” L’hôtel de Ville de Lyon is #1 for its openness and wide architecture.

#2: Skate park Berges du Rhône

Right next to the Rhône River, this skate park beckons the public to a splendid view. Jump from bowl-to-bowl or grind the lip, this location is fantastic for not only skaters but for tricks bikes as well.

#3: Passerelle Saint-Vincent

This location is found over the Saône River and is wide enough to allow passerby to move aside as your coast down the path. Since you’re over water and there’s a chance  you might wipe out, I suggest letting the more daring go ahead of you. But hey, who’s to stop you?

Splash zone spot

Skating in Lyon is about taking risks, breaking boundaries, and looking cool.

We’re skating away from Lyon to a mystery location next week! Make sure you’re hungry and stay tuned for more French street treasures!

Stay fresh, adventurers. ■

Image credits:
  • Featured Image- Olivia Walters. Photoshop. Collage. 
  1. Upside-down skater
  2. Kick flip skater
  3. Outstretched skater

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