Sighting: Food Truck Takeover

Olivia Walters

We always hear that French people have an unfavorable impression about American cuisine. It’s greasy, it’s quick, and it’s too salty. However, in the past four years France has witnessed an American culinary invasion with the arrival of food trucks in Paris. Opinions about American dishes are changing as the trend explodes all over the city.

It’s about time the country tried a new taste.

Food Revelations

So why did Parisians change their eating habits? Why are some turning away from their lengthy 2 hour lunches for a quick-bite from a food truck? The answer is simple. Young Parisians are all over the craze of their food being “très Brooklyn.” The New York Times praises the trucks in Paris for adding creativity and a refreshing sense of spontaneity to the streets. It appears that Americans are earning some notoriety within French cuisine.

Against the Norm: Positive Reception

Many of the trucks in Paris are run by American chefs. Some moved to France to receive culinary education, while others reap the benefits of their roots, like Jordan Feilders at Cantine California, a truck dishing out burgers and tacos to young, hip, and hungry Parisians. Reception to the idea has been absolutely positive, and customers are more than willing to wait for over an hour and even pay high prices for the plat du jour [special of the day].

Owner Jordan Feilders (left) of Cantine California parked near the Eiffel Tower

Jordan says, “Younger Parisians are really into the New York food scene and the California lifestyle. There’s a good trans-Atlantic food vibe going on Twitter and Facebook.”

Goodbye Old: Hello New

In the beginning, Kristin Frederick, owner of Le Camion Qui Fume, thought that Parisians would never be able to abandon their pride about food. Little did she know that tradition could change with one taste of her burger. Her product is so successful it’s ranked #1 by Thrillist out of the top-eleven trucks.

“People said: ‘The French will never eat on the street. The French will never eat with their hands. They will never pay good money for food from a truck.’ ”

USA Today reported that half of the arrondissements in Paris are making room for food trucks. The trend is driving people crazy on social media and is gaining traction as food truck lovers find them parked at festivals and markets.

The menu at Le Camion Qui Fume is inspired by traditional American eats.

More Suggestions

In the infographic below you will find food trucks identified by Yelp as #1 in their category! Take a look at all the various ethnically inspired tastes and don’t forget to track your favorite at Track the Truck! Bon appétit! ■

food-truck-frenzy (1)
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4 thoughts on “Sighting: Food Truck Takeover

  1. Interesting blogpost. I just came back from my Paris trip, where I was exploring the city for the first time and making picture. One of my goals was to try French cuisine but instead i ate basically Indian, American and Asian food)))
    You are very welcome to visit my current blogpost about Parisian experience as a newcomer.

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    1. nice2beme,
      Thank you so much for the comment! Est-ce que tu parles la langue? I am studying French at my university. From the looks of your Instagram and blog, you are a world traveler!

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