I’m Olivia Walters, a copywriter & journalist based in Portland, OR.

I write clickable, educational online copy for wellness brands. If you’re looking to hire a blog writer, a social media sorceress, or a cannabis journalist, I’m your expert.

Welcome to my world.

Some words from my editors

“Thank you Olivia for an excellent article. It was very well written, it’s not often I receive such a polished article.” ~David Masters, Editor at Fluent in 3 Months~

“Olivia Walters was a blast to work with! Her enthusiasm and professionalism were a breathe of fresh air, which made working with her fun and inspiring. Olivia’s research skills and ability to pick up company standards quickly will take her far in the journalism world and beyond.” ~MonĂ¡ Thomas, Editor at Narcity Media~

“Olivia, you’re a great writer! More importantly, you understand SEO writing and the tone we are looking for.” ~Mansal Denton, Head of Marketing at Sovereignty~