Your Next Hobby Should Be DIY Journals & Book Covers

I’m here for it.

DIY hobbies are keeping me in check as quarantine rolls by and another mind-numbing Netflix binge leaves me wondering what day it is. I trolled Instagram looking for writer inspiration since content ideas are harder to come by right now. #Bookstagrammers are my pals, but I want to open up my circle to different kinds of creators.

A lightbulb went off when I found graphic designer Darian Joyner’s handmade books assembled from recycled materials. Seriously, she rummages through the trash and repurposes scraps to transform books into works of art.

Writers are known journal hoarders so I thought I’d share some examples of ways to get the creative juices back to speed during quarantine.

Darian is a student at Appalachian State and her book designing is next level. I love how she plays with color blocks to give her covers a minimalist feel.

You can use book glue to turn old T-shirts into material for cover designs too. Darian suggests working with material that is thin enough to wrap around the book.

If you’re out of ideas or bored out of your mind, try getting your hands busy with new projects while you’re hanging out at home. Redesigning some of your old notebooks/journals can breathe life into your writing.

And if you’re still struggling with writer’s block, read my latest guest post on Nicole Dieker’s blog about what freelance writers can do to find pitch ideas.

All the best,


Header images // Darian Joyner // @d_the_artist

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