7 Real Questions Editors Ask During Freelance Writer Interviews

Editors hiring long-term writers for digital publications will probably request an interview. They want to know that you know your stuff and aren’t some voiceless poser.

How to Overcome Silly Failures While Rerooting Golden Pothos

Propagate houseplants with care and love by Olivia Walters I’m not Shrek or Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. My thumb isn’t electric green, but I’m getting there. Maybe being a green fictional movie character would have helped my houseplants, but it’s also just a fact of gardening life— we kill plants before we learn how toContinue reading “How to Overcome Silly Failures While Rerooting Golden Pothos”

Book Review: La vie secrète des écrivains

Critique littéraire du livre de Guillaume Musso Salut mes ami.e.s ! Je reviens sur la chronique de fiction aujourd’hui à l’occasion d’une nouvelle collaboration qui sera dévoilée dans les semaines à venir ! Vous allez jouir d’un échange entre moi et un autre blogueur suisse. Tous nos deux, certes, qui ont un goût exceptionnel pourContinue reading “Book Review: La vie secrète des écrivains”

Stop Wasting Time and Underselling Your Talents

If you find naysayers, hecklers, or agitators lobbying against you, cut the cord. This is no time for setbacks.  By Olivia Walters  Time management is a distressful obstacle for both the birdbrained and overachiever types.  Scale back on social media, mark out time in a bullet journal, or hit the pillow at the same timeContinue reading “Stop Wasting Time and Underselling Your Talents”

Stand Up and Punch Negative Tendencies Out of Your Life

Making headway against self-doubt Olivia Walters When I slide back into old habits I have to recenter my focus by viewing my personal growth on a timeline. If you write a journal as I do, then you understand the importance of reviewing entries written months or years ago. That way, you keep yourself in checkContinue reading “Stand Up and Punch Negative Tendencies Out of Your Life”

Demystifying Loan Default for College Grads

What those Department of Education bills are really saying by Olivia Walters I felt compelled to write about this topic since many of my followers are graduated college students or soon-to-be grads. This is a short piece to discuss terms the U.S. Department of Education expects borrowers to understand, plus how easy it is toContinue reading “Demystifying Loan Default for College Grads”