This 26-Year-Old French Writer Slammed Multiple Presidents With Class Ignorance

I joined forces with another book blogger for a discussion about Who Killed My Father in the style of a written podcast.

How to Steal from French Magazines for Writing Inspiration

Writing poetry in the style of a ransom note Olivia Walters This week I wrote French poetry by snipping words from travel magazines I stole at the Charles de Gaulle airport. The exercise got me thinking about fresh ideas for my creative work, but as I began stringing words together, making word associations, and elaboratingContinue reading “How to Steal from French Magazines for Writing Inspiration”

Thoughts on Ending Books, Leaving Fiction World

Olivia Walters Yesterday evening I powered through the last 50 pages of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. It’s been some time since completing a book, start to finish. I felt accomplished, well-read, and introspective as I entered the post-operative reading phase in which readers bemoan the return to reality.   Reaching the last page, weContinue reading “Thoughts on Ending Books, Leaving Fiction World”

Yeats, Love Letter to Mine

To my partner Olivia Walters I’m peering at my library, skimming the titles of authors who speak to me. Yeats, the poem The Fish  Je regarde ma bibliothèque, je lis entre les grandes lignes les titres des auteurs/autrices qui me parlent. Chez Yeats, la poème Le poisson   { Although you hide in the ebbContinue reading “Yeats, Love Letter to Mine”